Characteristics American Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a large-sized retriever dog with long-haired and water-repellent hair, of Scottish origin.

Widespread in both Europe and North America, it differs into two types: British and American. The breed is classified as unique and was first entered into an official register in 1903, in England. Its FCI code is 111 (28.10.2009), the Italian national dog breeding body (ENCI) classifies it, according to the standard of the International Dog Federation, in group 8 section 1: retriever dog (with working trial), therefore a utility dog (hunting dog), which by nature and characteristics is at ease both outside and inside the water.

The Golden Retrievers have muscular bodies with great stamina, abilities due to a strong ability for hunting. They have medium-long ears, large eyes, a long tail covered in fringed hair, the typical color of the coat is cream/golden.

They are dogs of mild character, sociable with humans and other dogs, extremely docile and trainable, very voracious. Their ever-increasing and successful diffusion also lies in the fact that they also find the home environment comfortable. The dog is also quite long-lived and if treated well can exceed 15 years of age.

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