How to welcome a new puppy

The puppy's first day with you

The day the puppy leaves its mother and the rest of the litter will be memorable. To help him feel happy and calm once he is home with you, follow these key tips:

  • First of all, it is preferable to already establish the name to give him and immediately call him by that name. By doing this the dog will get used to it and will associate a series of pleasant sensations with that sound. Never scold the dog by using his name, otherwise you run the risk that even when you call him normally, he will no longer want to come to you.
  • Whether he is a puppy or already an adult, think that he is in a new environment, surrounded by people he doesn't know and obviously he will be curious. Youtry to reassure himby caressing him; You will thus make him understand that when you are there, as the leader of the pack, nothing bad can happen to him.
  • Make sure the home environment is calm: your new puppy may feel stressed by new objects, sounds and smells in your home and by being separated from its mother. So, make sure your home remains a very calm environment to avoid adding further stress.
  • For the first few days he will be the center of attention of all family members, especially children, and this is understandable. But don't overdo it; especially if he is a puppy, he needs a lot of rest, he cannot get too tired with games and the like. So I play yes, but to the right extent. He will also have to get used to when the situation returns to normal and he will no longer be the center of attention, or when all the family members leave and he will be left alone. So let it have its own space not only physical, as we will see shortly, but also mental, so to speak.
  • Let's go right to his space, the kennel. Have it ready before it arrives, complete with a bowl for water and a bowl with some food. When the dog enters the house, it is normal for him to want to explore the surroundings, he smells everything and you will allow him to do so. Let him turn freely, making sure he is not in any danger.
  • As soon as you get home, take your puppy into the garden or outside so he can do his business. When he succeeds, reward him by using a positive tone of voice.

It's time to sleep.
How to behave? What to do?

First of all, especially if he is a puppy, we advise you to let him sleep indoors, because he is too small to sleep outdoors alone and could harm his health. As soon as you leave him in the kennel (which you are supposed to have placed in a central place in the house) he will start to cry, because he doesn't want to be alone, he is afraid; for him it is a completely new situation.

Many make the mistake, naively, of picking it up and putting it in bed with them. Unfortunately this creates a precedent, so it will be very difficult later to convince him to go to sleep in his kennel.

It is therefore advisable to place the kennel near your bed, so that it is close to you, feels your presence, but at the same time has a place of its own to sleep. Alternatively, you can try placing the kennel immediately outside the room where you sleep, so that the dog can see you.

The following morning you can move the kennel to the place where you placed it the previous day, so that the dog can rest comfortably during the day.

Alternatively, some opt for a double bed: one for the night only near the master's bedroom, and the actual kennel (complete with bowls and toys) in the center of the house, in a place of passage.

Still others prepare an entire room for their 4-legged friend, complete with kennel, toys and everything he may need.

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