American Golden Retriever Questions and Answers

By nature, Golden Retrievers are extremely docile and gentle dogs regardless of sex, indeed, males sometimes tend to be calm compared to females. The difference in character is absolutely not between male and female, but each individual subject must be evaluated. Morphologically, males tend to be slightly larger than females, both in stature and weight. On a sexual level, a female who has reached maturity (around 9-12 months) will go into heat 2 times a year, while a male is always receptive if he senses a female in heat.

Even every day... with only water though! For a more in-depth bath it is advisable 1-2 times a month exclusively with natural products to avoid the onset of annoying dermatitis.

A 2 month old puppy eats 3 times a day. We switch to 2 meals a day after 6/8 months of life.

The Golden Retriever needs to feel part of the family. It is not a dog suitable for living exclusively in the garden because it needs continuous contact with its "master". He doesn't need a lot of quantity time, but good quality time.

A Golden will have no problem waiting at home for the arrival of his beloved family if he knows that when they return they will give him their attention, lots of cuddles and maybe a few throws with a tennis ball!

The average lifespan is 10/12 years, but with a bit of luck they can even reach 14/15.

His calm and playful nature makes him a dog suitable for children and families. However, let's not forget that it is a breed that has been selected for hunting: it is impossible not to practice at least a little bit of retrieving with it!

Yes, he is a very strong and resistant dog, sensitive to heat and therefore loves the coolness of the mountains. However, be careful not to let your puppy walk on steep or slippery paths; you must be very careful about the rapidly growing bones and cartilage.

The puppy's milk teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth around the fourth month of life: for this reason the puppy tends to bite everything it finds to get some relief from the discomfort caused by teething. We never recommend purchasing plastic toys to chew on, because if the puppy inadvertently swallowed small pieces it would be very dangerous, the same goes for bones... we provide puppies with very hard old bread: this has the right consistency for be munched on and what's more it tastes more tempting than any piece of furniture in the house!

Yes, it's very likely. For the puppy it is the biggest change of his life, the separation from his mother, from his brothers, from the environment he knew... Usually a few days are enough to settle in with the new family, a rag with the smell of the mother, or put some soft toys in the area where the puppy sleeps, they will imitate his brothers in the first nights alone.

From now on, if possible, avoid dog areas (or in any case areas where there is a lot of dog traffic) until you have your third month's booster vaccination.

Yes, we recommend it to all our customers. Education is a fundamental basis for fully enjoying our dog in every type of situation.

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