Shiba Inu Questions and Answers

The difference in character is absolutely not between male and female, but each individual subject must be evaluated. We can find cuddly males and less sociable females, it all lies in the socialization education that we will give in the 1st year of the puppy's life.

3/4 times a year will be enough. The Shiba's peculiar characteristic is that of being one of the cleanest dogs.

A 2 month old puppy eats 3 times a day. We switch to 2 meals a day after 6/8 months of life.

The Shiba needs to feel part of the family. He is a dog that adapts both in the garden and in the apartment, but still needs his pack leader.

A Shiba will have no problem waiting at home for the arrival of his beloved family if he knows that when they return they will give him the necessary attention, lots of cuddles and a nice walk.

The average lifespan is 12/15 years, with some exceptions of 18/19 years.

He is not incompatible with children and can be a fabulous playmate, but he must have been accustomed to contact with little ones from an early age.

Yes, he is a very strong and resistant dog, sensitive to heat and therefore loves the coolness of the mountains. However, be careful not to let your puppy walk on steep or slippery paths; you must be very careful about the rapidly growing bones and cartilage.

The puppy's milk teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth around the fourth month of life: for this reason the puppy tends to bite everything it finds to get some relief from the discomfort caused by teething. We never recommend purchasing plastic toys to chew on, because if the puppy inadvertently swallowed small pieces it would be very dangerous, the same goes for bones... we provide puppies with very hard old bread: this has the right consistency for be munched on and what's more it tastes more tempting than any piece of furniture in the house!

It's not that obvious. Compared to other breeds, the Shiba is already very independent at 2 months old and has no difficulty getting used to the new home and new owners.

From now on, if possible, avoid dog areas (or in any case areas where there is a lot of dog traffic) until you have your third month's booster vaccination.

Yes, we recommend it to all our customers. Education is a fundamental basis for fully enjoying our dog in every type of situation.

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