Standard Shiba Inu

Standard parameters

    males 39.5 cm at the withers – females 36.5 cm at the withers (with a tolerance of 1.5 cm more or less).
    the withers are high, and the back is straight and short. The kidney is large and muscular. The chest is deep, the ribs moderately protruding, and the belly well revealed.
    the forehead is wide, the cheeks well developed and the stop quite steep with a slight furrow. The nasal bridge is straight; flesh color is permitted when the coat is white. The muzzle is of moderate volume, not too long, and pointed. The lips are stretched.
    it is black; flesh color is permitted when the coat is white.
    solid, with scissor closure.
  • NECK
    big and muscular.
  • EARS
    small, triangular, solidly straight and slightly inclined towards the front.
  • EYES
    relatively small, slightly triangular, well separated and dark brown in colour.
  • LEGS
    elbows very close to the trunk, forearms straight. The thighs are long and the legs short, well developed. The hocks must be strong and resistant. The feet have well arched and tightly closed toes. The plants are solid and elastic. Hard nails and, preferably, darker in color.
    moderately oblique, well developed.
  • GAIT
    light, fast and lively.
    of good development.
  • TAIL
    set high, large and carried below the back, strongly curled or sickle-shaped. The tip almost reaches the hock when it is lowered.
  • SKIN
    quite elastic.
  • FUR
    rough and straight, and soft and dense undercoat. The hair on the tail is slightly longer.
    Red (which is the most common colour), black & tan and sesame, both in the red and black variants. Sesame definition: mixture of white and black hairs on a red coat. The greater or lesser intensity of black defines sesame as red or black.
    accentuated undershot mouth, overshot mouth, fearful subject, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, ears not erect, drooping and short tail, nose color not corresponding to the coat, light eyes, incorrect gait, defective hindquarters, excessively long hair

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